Immigrant Investor Programme (IIP)

The IIP Programme provides a range of investment options to high net worth investors considering Ireland for investment. There are a number of specific criteria. Firstly, the investment must be good for Ireland, increase employment and be in keeping with public interest. The funds to be utilised through the programme must be legally acquired and not borrowed. Investors must show that they are of good character and have no previous convictions. They must also have a net worth of a minimum of €2 million and this must be evidenced through property and/or official bank/ government statements. All of the evidence provided will be vigorously tested by the Department of Justice through correspondence with home countries. The funds must also be capable of transfer and not subject to any lean.

Irish citizenship by investment must be in one of the following categories:

Decisions on investments are made by the Department of Justice through the Evaluation Committee. Whilst it is hoped that all applications are processed in a timely fashion there is a serious backlog in the processing of these applications owing to strict due diligence checks being carried out by the Department of Justice. Waiting times at present for approval are in the region of 7-9 months. During the evaluation process your legal team may be required to provide additional information and draft complex legal submissions. They will then be able to advise further

Please contact Stephen Kirwan for a professional and confidential consultation relating to the options available to you and your family through the Immigrant Investor Programme.

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