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Deportation Flights To Begin By The End of The Year – Today With Claire Byrne

Stephen Kirwan, Partner, and Head of Immigration at KOD Lyons

In Gaza City, a father waited and hoped for a visa to see his kids in Ireland again. Then came the bombs.

The house collapsed on a Sunday when the bombs fell

Parents Of Children With Special Needs Taking Over 40 Cases Against Schools For Alleged Harm

More than 40 cases of alleged assaults, seclusion and restraint

Just one prosecution in four years for failing to produce passport on arrival in Ireland

Just one of the several thousand people who arrived in Ireland without a valid travel document in recent years faced related criminal charges.

Refugees from ‘safe’ countries must have their cases heard fairly, says immigration lawyer

Junior Minister Sean Fleming also said that people coming from countries deemed safe may have genuine reason to seek asylum.

ECHR right to shelter case will affect Irish policy

Stephen Kirwan explores the potential impact of the decision of the European Court of Human Rights in Camara v Belgium – specifically how it might affect the approach of the Irish authorities to the accommodation of international protection applicants.

When Announcing a New Restrictive Migration Policy in July, the Department of Justice Used Inaccurate Figures

In a press release on 18 July, the Department of Justice said that nearly 6,500 people had applied here for asylum between January 2021 and January 2022.

The Government Says It’s Bringing in Stricter Asylum Checks, but What Does that Mean?

Stephen Kirwan, Partner at KOD Lyons Solicitors speaks out about the government's asylum checks and the effects of bringing in different boarder procedures.

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