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The Potential of a Future International Legal Basis for Granting Refugee Status to Individuals Fleeing Climate Change Situations

The Nexus between Climate Change, Human Rights and Migration

The Hague Convention

there will be several different reasons as to why a parent decides to cross borders and relocate to another country.

Anti-LGBT Law passed by Ugandan Parliament


The Parliament of the Republic of Uganda has rushed through,

Court summons backlog in Ireland

Our Partner Matthew de Courcy, tells RTÉ that the issue relates to resources. "There needs to be a significant number of additional judges appointed to process and to service the existing caseload,"

Supporting autistic children – Gareth Noble talks to Alan Rock of Autism Families Ireland

Our child law partner Gareth Noble sat down with Alan Rock of Autism Families Ireland to discuss education law

The Employment Permit Bill 2022 Overview and Changes

Damien English, Minister for Business, Employment and Retail has introduced the ‘Employment Permits Bill 2022’.

Suspension of the Immigrant Investor Programme

I have recommended that it is now timely to close this programme to new applications, and have received government agreement

Deficiencies in the Children Act 2001

Mr Justice Tony Hunt has raised issue with the sentencing provisions contained in the 2001 Children Act stating

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