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Immigration &
International Law

We provide simple, straight forward and confidential advice to private clients, to Irish Companies attracting highly skilled people to the Irish market and foreign companies seeking to set up business in Ireland as a going concern.

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Immigration and
International Law

We are market leaders in advising companies and individuals, in niche areas of private corporate and commercial immigration law.

Start-up Entrepreneur Programme

The Irish IIP, Immigrant Investor Programme and STEP, and Start Up Entrepreneur Programme were designed by the Irish Government to encourage Direct Foreign Investment into the Irish economy in exchange for residency and work permissions for the investor and immediate family members.

Company Law

The way a client selects their business set up will depend largely on the type of business being carried out and the customer base being targeted. There are also risk elements to consider, for example if you set up as a sole trader and your business fails your personal assets could be at risk of sale to pay your creditors.

Irish Citizenship Application FAQ’s

Stephen Kirwan the Head of the Immigration Department has provided a quick guide to some of the most frequently asked questions he faces in relation to Irish Citizenship Applications. Watch our FAQ’s here.

Retiring in Ireland as a person of Indepndent Means

The first question you might ask is why Ireland? There are many reasons that Ireland is the destination for retirees and those of independent financial means who wish to live here for more than 90 days at a time. The main selling point for most people is that it is a friendly English-speaking country.

Critical Skills Employment Permit

A person coming from a non-EEA country (with the exception of Switzerland and the United Kingdom) must have explicit permission from the Minister of Justice to work in Ireland.

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