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High Court Bails in Ireland

High Court Bail Lists are now operating at their pre COVID-19 capacity, and here at KOD Lyons we make such Bail applications daily.

Notice to Employers regarding Employees awaiting the renewal of their IRP Card

The Immigration Services Registration Office, Burgh Quay, Dublin has notified Irish Resident Permit Holders, particularly employers

The Divorce Mantra – “Proper Provision in all the Circumstances”

Legislation states that ‘the court shall ensure that such provision as the court considers proper having regard to the circumstances exists or will be made for the spouses and any dependent member of the family concerned’. (S.20 The Divorce Act, 1996).

Case C-488/21 GV v Chief Appeals Officer (Voican v Chief Appeals Officer)- A brief update

Stephen Kirwan from our Immigration and International Law Team provides a brief updated on Voican vs Chief Appeals Officer (GV v Chief Appeals Officer Case C-488/21) a case taken by KOD Lyons Solicitors together with Patricia Brazil BL and Derek Shortall SC.

Eleven Frequently Asked Questions in Irish Citizenship Applications

Stephen Kirwan the Head of the Immigration Department has provided a quick guide to some of the most frequently asked questions he faces in relation to Irish Citizenship Applications

State Liability for Damages for Refugee denied Family Reunification in S.H. & A.J. v. Minister for Justice [2022] IEHC 392

Ferriter J. in the High Court found that after A.J. was granted refugee status, he was not subsequently informed of his rights and obligations...

The Ring of Kerry 170KM Charity Cycle 2022. A fantastic weekend had by all involved!

The KOD Lyons team completed the Ring of Kerry Charity Cycle 2022 on Saturday 2nd July.

KOD Lyons invited to attend Madrid Conference as ‘National Experts’

From Law to Practice: Strengthening Procedural Rights in Police Custody (ProRPC), with specific reference to access to legal aid.


Media Coverage

When Announcing a New Restrictive Migration Policy in July, the Department of Justice Used Inaccurate Figures

In a press release on 18 July, the Department of Justice said that nearly 6,500 people had applied here for asylum between January 2021 and January 2022.

The Government Says It’s Bringing in Stricter Asylum Checks, but What Does that Mean?

Stephen Kirwan, Partner at KOD Lyons Solicitors speaks out about the government's asylum checks and the effects of bringing in different boarder procedures.

KOD Lyons promotes Katie Dowling to associate

KOD Lyons has promoted Katie Dowling to associate in the Dublin-based firm’s criminal law department.

National rollout of ‘unlawful’ school assessments halted

Gareth Noble, Partner at KOD Lyons Solicitors shares his concerns over pausing educational assessments for children with additional needs.

NCSE trying to ‘bounce’ legal obligations to children with disabilities onto principals

Gareth Noble, Partner at KOD Lyons Solicitors speaks out about leaving the National Council for Special Education (NCSE) very vulnerable, as they have been accused of attempting to 'bounce' its legal responsibilities and obligations to children with disabilities onto school principals.

Girl (5) with autism sues State over alleged failure to provide school transport

Nearest school with suitable place was 18km away and parents had to borrow car, court told

HSE denies assessment of need reviews are on hold

KOD Lyons Partner, Gareth Noble’s, recent tweet leads to a response by the Health Services Executive (HSE) saying that reviewing a child’s assessment of need is not on hold.

How Much Should Immigrants Rely on the Citizens Information Website?

Stephen Kirwan, Partner at KOD Lyons speaks out about the misinformation on immigration rules over the Internet saying that people are dissuaded from applying for citizenship.

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