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Stephen Kirwan leads our International and Immigration Law Team. Our industry leading team bring a wealth of knowledge in the areas of Public Interest Law and Equality Litigation, Judicial Review and Strategic Litigation, Employment & Company Law , Oral and Written Representations before Quasi-Judicial and Administrative bodies, Legal & Commercial and Legislative Drafting and Private Client & Commercial Immigration Law Applications.

Historically Ireland's experience with immigration related to emigration away from Ireland. This was due to economic stress and lack of sustainable employment in Ireland during the latter part of the last century. But Ireland has grown stronger from this and we now see the harnessing of the global strength of the Irish diaspora across with world with many emigrants now returning to Ireland to avail of its growing economy and high quality of life. This is also due to our direct access to the EU Market and following Brexit Ireland will be the only EU member state with English as its first language. Many international company’s and leaders in global economy are now choosing Ireland as a base for its European business. Owing to the aforementioned experience with immigration Irelands sociocultural embraces migration and has proven to be a modern, progressive and welcoming nation.

As modern trade continues to develop from national to international, we are cognisant of large-scale economic migration. As well as offering a full Company Law service for companies seeking to incorporate in Ireland, whether to access the Irish and/or European Markets, we have a number of competitive products available to meet all your commercial immigration and employment needs be they employment contracts, employee handbooks or staff training and full work permit application service to support movement of talented staff from one country to Ireland through critical skills and general work permit applications.

We provide simple, straight forward and confidential advice to private clients, as well as Irish Companies attracting highly skilled people to the Irish market and foreign companies seeking to set up business in Ireland as a going concern.

As well as advising clients in niche areas of commercial immigration law we regularly advise in the following areas:

  • Foreign Direct Investment/ Citizenship by Investment
  • Work Permits -
    The Irish General Work Permit is an employment permit which allows a non-EU citizen to work legally in Ireland for a particular employer and position. Initially the permit is granted for two years and is only granted to those with an offer for employment in being.The Critical Skills Employment Permit is designed to attract highly skilled people into the labour market for desired employment areas that are not readily available in the Irish EEA labour market. The Department of Justice recently expanded this area to attract highly skilled workers in specific areas:
  • Dependant/Partner/Spouse Employment Permits
  • EU Treaty Rights
  • Brexit & UK Citizens Residing in Ireland
  • Irish Citizenship & Naturalisation
  • Irish Citizen Child Applications
  • Sport and Cultural Employment Permits
  • General Advices relating to Residency Permissions and entry into Ireland, registration with the GNIB
  • Detailed drafting of complex legal submission for INIS Applications
  • Short Stay Business Visas
  • Stamp Zero Permits
  • Family Reunification
  • Judicial Review – Immigration & Asylum List

Judicial Review Solicitors

Our Immigration Department has unparalleled experience in representing numerous clients in Immigration and Asylum Judicial Reviews before the domestic and European Courts including the following key Immigration Law Cases:

  • E.D. v DPP [2010] IEHC 110
  • H. I. D. and B. A. v R.A.C. & Ors Case C-175/11 (preliminary reference to the CJEU)
  • S (a minor) -v- MJELR [2012] IESC 63
  • A.A.M. (Somalia) v- MJE [2013] IEHC 68
  • K (DRC) v MJELR & Ors. (Unreported, High Court, Gilligan J, 19 April 2007)
  • K.N.Q. (Iraq) v RAT [2013] IEHC 117
  • El Menkari & anor -v- MJELR & Ors [2011] IEHC 29
  • A v MJE [2014] IEHC 17
  • P vs MJE   [2016] IEHC 408 [2018] IECA 112 [2019] IESC 47
  • Haroon-v- MJELR [2018] IECA 3 and C-169/18 (preliminary reference to the CJEU)
  • Ahmed v MJE 2018/38/JR
  • Gorry v MJE [2014] IEHC 29; [2017] IECA 280 [2020] IESC 55
  • Stan v Chief Appeals Officre [2020] IEHC 548
  • FS vs Chief Appeals Officer C-3/21 (Preliminary reference to the CJEU)
  • Voican vs Chief Appeals Office 2019/748/JR COA 2020/152 (Preliminary reference to CJEU Pending)

There are many other stamps/ permissions and applications which may be of interest to you. Please contact our department to arrange for a consultation with our experts.

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