Updated Regulations and Legislation regarding E-Bikes and E-Scooters

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As of the 23rd June 2023, the Road Traffic and Roads Act 2023 addressed the long unanswered legal status of e-scooters and bikes on public roads in Ireland. The Road Traffic and Roads Act 2023 introduced new regulations and guidelines addressing the increasing popularity of such scooters and to ensure the safety of riders, drivers, and pedestrians.

The Road Traffic and Roads Act 2023, hereafter known as ‘the Act’, has created a new category of Powered Personal Transporters, known as PPTs, which are vehicles that lay outside the definition of a mechanically propelled vehicle, but are capable of speeds of up to 25 kilometres per hour, with a power output of 500 wats.


An E-Bike is defined under the Act as a bicycle with a power output up to 250W, where the motor cuts out at 25kmh and said motor cannot operate without pedalling the E-Bike.

Anything above 25mkh is classified as a motorbike. Additionally, E-bikes are subject to the same lighting conditions as ordinary bicycles, subject to the Road Traffic (Lighting of Vehicles) Act, 2009.


Riders of e-scooters must be 16 years old or above under the new Act. This is due to a recommendation from the European Transport Safety Council in order to deter the usage of e-scooters by children. Users of e-scooters are also required to wear a crash helmet and the scooters must be equipped with brakes and there are regulations on parts and mechanics also under the Act.

The Act limits e-scooters to speeds of 25 km/h and they must be used on public roads and bicycle lanes. E-scooters are not permitted on public pathways.

It should also be noted to users of e-scooters that holding on to any other MPV or PPT while using an e-scooters to increase speed is now a criminal offence under S. 23 of the Act, as amended.

The new Act also expands regulations on cycle and bus lanes and the usage of PPT and MPV’s in them. The above regulations into existing law are used to minimise the potential risks in Ireland to road users and pedestrians alike.

If you are thinking of purchasing an e-scooter or e-bicycle, please be aware of the new regulations. Should you require any advice in respect of all matters in regard to Road Traffic Law, including the new regulations under the 2023 Act, please do not hesitate to contact KOD Lyons Solicitors on 01 679 0780 or email info@kodlyons.ie.


Road Traffic and Roads Act, 2023





Road Traffic (Lighting of Vehicles) Act, 2003

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