KOD Lyons Solicitors Announce Takeover of Jonathan Dunphy Solicitors


KOD Lyons Solicitors are delighted to announce the takeover of Jonathan Dunphy Solicitors, a move that will enhance legal services for the clients of both firms particularly in the area of criminal defence and strategic public interest litigation.

This strategic union brings together two highly reputable law firms, each with a strong commitment to delivering excellence in legal representation within Ireland. Clients from both firms can expect a seamless transition as the team at KOD Lyons continues its commitment to delivering exceptional legal services.

KOD Lyons Takeover Jonathan Dunphy Solicitors

The takeover will leverage the strengths and expertise of both firms and to provide an even more comprehensive suite of legal services in the area of criminal defence. Clients can expect the same dedication to quality and client-focused approach that both KOD Lyons and Jonathan Dunphy Solicitors are known for.

Jonathan Dunphy Appointed as a Circuit Court Judge

As part of this momentous occasion, KOD Lyons Solicitors also extends heartfelt congratulations to Jonathan Dunphy, who has recently been appointed as a Circuit Court Judge. This significant achievement underscores Mr. Dunphy’s exemplary legal career and dedication to upholding justice.

Managing Partner at KOD Lyons Solicitors had this to say;

“We are thrilled to have taken over Jonathan Dunphy Solicitors, a firm with a stellar reputation and a commitment to excellence that aligns seamlessly with our own vision particularly in the area of criminal defence work. This takeover represents an exciting move which will undoubtedly enhance our firm’s capabilities and better serve the diverse needs of our clients particularly in our criminal defence work. By combining our strengths, we are poised to provide an even higher level of service to our clients. We also extend our warmest congratulations to our friend and former colleague Jonathan Dunphy on his well-deserved appointment as a Circuit Court Judge.”

John O’Doherty Managing Partner at KOD Lyons Solicitors

Jonathan Dunphy Solicitors

Established in 2005 by Jonathan Dunphy, Jonathan Dunphy & Company Solicitors are a thriving legal practice in Dun Laoghaire, Ireland, with a city centre presence. They specialise in high-profile litigation across criminal, civil, and commercial realms, offering personalised, professional, and practical service.

From representing clients in Garda station arrests to handling complex contract disputes, their expertise spans personal injury claims, employment law, property matters, family law, and more. With offices in Dun Laoghaire and Dublin city centre, and confidential appointments available, Jonathan Dunphy & Company Solicitors are renowned for their dedication to their clients.

KOD Lyons

KOD Lyons stands tall as a legal force in Ireland, wielding expertise in various arenas, particularly public interest law and criminal defence. Renowned for their fight for societal betterment, their award-winning team tackles high-profile cases, championing human rights.

As the nation’s largest criminal law firm, they represent individuals facing diverse charges, and offer private counsel to businesses as well. But their reach extends beyond these two pillars. They stand beside those seeking compensation for personal injuries, guide immigrants through the complexities of legal residency, and navigate the often-turbulent waters of child custody, family breakdowns, and welfare benefits.


Pictured: John O’Doherty Managing Partner KOD Lyons, His Honour Judge Jonathan Dunphy, Nicola Dunphy Solicitor, KOD Lyons.

What This Takeover Means for Clients: Strengthening Legal Expertise and Service

The recent takeover of Jonathan Dunphy Solicitors by KOD Lyons Solicitors marks a significant milestone in the legal landscape of Ireland, promising enhanced service and expertise for clients of both firms. This strategic consolidation is particularly impactful in the realms of criminal defence and strategic public interest litigation, areas where both firms have established commendable reputations.

Clients of Jonathan Dunphy Solicitors and KOD Lyons can anticipate a seamless integration of services. This merger is not just about expanding our legal footprint; it’s about enriching the quality of legal representation that clients have come to expect. The combined strengths and proficiencies of both firms mean an expanded suite of legal services, with an unwavering commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.

This change signifies an era of fortified legal support. Whether navigating the complexities of criminal defence, engaging in high-stakes public interest cases, or seeking guidance in personal legal matters, our clients now have access to a broader spectrum of legal expertise and resources.

KOD Lyons and Jonathan Dunphy Solicitors share a vision of delivering legal services that are not only professional and personalised but also empathetic and socially conscious. As we move forward, our focus remains steadfast on upholding these values and continually evolving to meet and exceed the legal needs of our clients.

In essence, this takeover is more than just a merging of two firms; it’s a commitment to setting new benchmarks in legal services, ensuring that every client we represent benefits from our collective expertise, dedication, and passion for justice.

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