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The Hague Convention


there will be several different reasons as to why a parent decides to cross borders and relocate to another country.

The Hague Convention2023-05-26T15:07:04+01:00

Anti-LGBT Law passed by Ugandan Parliament


  The Parliament of the Republic of Uganda has rushed through, and approved, a Bill entitled The Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2023 which aims to: “…establish a comprehensive and enhanced legislation to protect the traditional family by

Anti-LGBT Law passed by Ugandan Parliament2023-03-29T12:46:49+01:00

Court summons backlog in Ireland


Our Partner Matthew de Courcy, tells RTÉ that the issue relates to resources. "There needs to be a significant number of additional judges appointed to process and to service the existing caseload,"

Court summons backlog in Ireland2023-03-28T02:00:05+01:00

Critical Skills Employment Permit


A person coming from a non-EEA country (with the exception of Switzerland and the United Kingdom) must have explicit permission from the Minister of Justice to work in Ireland. This can either be granted by

Critical Skills Employment Permit2023-03-02T16:10:56+00:00

Retiring as Independent Financial Person in Ireland


Retiring in Ireland as a Person of Independent Financial Means: The first question you might ask is why Ireland? There are many reasons that Ireland is the destination for retirees and those of independent financial

Retiring as Independent Financial Person in Ireland2023-03-02T12:52:21+00:00
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