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Santana Hernandez Power, Legal Executive


Santana graduated from LYIT in 2018 with an honours degree in Law and Spanish.

As part of her degree, Santana completed an Erasmus program in Comillas Pontifical University in Madrid.

Upon finishing her degree, she started a year-long internship with Community Law and Mediation (CLM) in Dublin.

Community Law and Mediation is a non-profit organisation operated on a model which combines a service based and strategic approach. It campaigns for law reform and provides information and education on legal matters, as well as assisting individual clients.

Santana joined KOD Lyons in January 2020 and currently works in the Criminal Court Department, covering different courts mainly the High Court for bail applications. Santana specialises in police property applications and driving licence restorations.

Prior to joining KOD Lyons, Santana worked in Glennon & Associates Ltd, claims handling on behalf of leading insurance companies across Ireland and England.

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