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Project Description

Jeff Waldron, Legal Intern


Jeff joined the firm in September 2019 as part of an internship program through DCU, where he is currently completing an Bachelor’s degree in Civil Law (BCL).

Jeff currently works in our Family Law Department, covering areas extensively such as Judicial Separation and Divorce, guardianship, custody and access, maintenance and domestic violence matters. Jeff regularly appears in the Circuit Family Courts, where his extensive preparation of applications for clients are heard. On behalf of our clients, Jeff regularly compiles court-standard documents, corresponds with other firms outlining our client’s concerns in the utmost respectful manner and communicates with clients to update them with their case. Jeff further communicates with and briefs barristers in respect of client matters before the District and Circuit Family Courts.

Jeff has a keen interest in legitimizing the voice of children in access applications, as well as in separations and divorce and has a further interest in vindicating the rights of victims of domestic abuse.

He also regularly assists in the Criminal Court Department, covering various circuit courts around the country, and preparing briefs for barristers.

Upon graduation, he hopes to complete his FE-1 exams.

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