Notification on changes made to the processing Queues for Employment Permits

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The Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment has announced that they have developed a plan of action to bring down the processing backlog built up over the pandemic. The plan includes both additional staffing and systemic changes which includes the recruitment of additional permanent and temporary staff such that when all recruitment is completed, the processing team will be three and a quarter times the size it was in early November.

In addition to the above, “ the Employment Permits Section is placing a particular focus on ‘new’ employment permit applications over renewal applications”.

They have further advised that “once a Renewal application has been submitted within the period prescribed under Section 20(2) of the Employment Permits Act 2006 (as amended), see below, the non-EEA National can continue to work while the application is awaiting processing”.

While Renewal Applications will  continue to be processed,  “their focus will be directed at new applications in the main processing queue. Therefore, Renewal applications will have their own separate processing queue and timeline”.

New and current processing updates will be posted on their website for both New and Renewal applications separately and will be listed under separate headings; for example,

New Applications

  • Standard: 6th October 2021
  • Trusted Partner: 18th November 2021

Renewal applications

  • Standard: 6th October 2021
  • Trusted Partner: 18th November 2021

In circumstances whereby a non-EEA National may need to leave the State and would require their Renewal permit upon re-entering.  The Department has asked that applicants contact them immediately to ensure that their application is processed ahead of time.

The Employment Permits Regulations 2017 prescribe this period as:

  • within the period of 4 months ending on the day of expiry of the period for which it has been granted (or for which it has last been renewed under that section), or
  • within the period of 1 month after the expiry of that period.

If you need assistance in respect of work permit applications generally, please do not hesitate to contact our team at

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