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Voican vs Chief Appeals Officer: An Update on Questions to Be Referred to Court of Justice of the European Union

Stephen Kirwan from our Immigration and International Law Team provides

Domestic, Sexual and Gender Based Violence: A commentary on The Department of Justice Audit Report (14/07/21)

Domestic, Sexual and Gender Based Violence: An Audit of Structures



Juliet George of the Immigration and International Law team provides a brief update in relation to further updates on the regularisation of undocumented migrants.

Strengthening the Right to be Forgotten: The Implications of Hurbain v. Belgium

On the 22nd of June 2021 the European Court of Human Rights delivered an important decision in Hurbain v Belgium, marking an important development in the case law regarding a ‘right to be forgotten’.

Rainbows Ireland – Supporting Children with Bereavement and Parental Separation

The team at KOD Lyons are delighted to be supporting Rainbows Ireland through our Coast to Coast Cycle from Dublin to Galway taking place on 3rd July 2021.

KOD Lyons Coast to Coast Charity Cycle 2021

“Challenge completed for two worthy charities” Its 6am in the morning and the bright pink KOD Lyons cycling jerseys begin to assemble at the Clontarf...

Parental Rights of Same-Sex Couples in Ireland

As we celebrate pride week this week, it is important to cast an eye over the development of the recognition of parental rights for same-sex couples in Ireland over the last number of decades and to the difficulty which many same-sex couples...

Solas Project – Supporting Children and Young People at risk of Societal Marginalisation

The KOD Lyons Coast to Coast Cycle 2021 will raise funds for Solas Project, a charity that aims to reduce the risk of societal harm faced by children and young people living in Ireland.

Media Coverage

Survivor’s bid to quash mother and baby home finding on vaccine trials

A prominent survivor has issued legal proceedings seeking to quash or correct findings made by the Mother and Baby Homes Commission in relation to vaccine trials...

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