Cohabitation Agreements / Civil Partnerships


The term often erroneously used “common law wife/husband” gives many couples the wrong impression that they have certain rights. At present Irish Law does not make provision for any financial or property relief following the

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A void marriage is void (from the beginning). A voidable marriage remains valid until a Decree of Nullity is granted. The grounds which will render a marriage void are:


Judicial Separation


Proper provision has been or will be made for in respect of any dependent members of the family. An Application for a Decree of Judicial Separation is made either in the Circuit Court or the

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Court Separation


This section covers legal issues relating to the various ways that the Courts can adjudicate on the issue of Separation. If a couple cannot agree the terms of a separation / divorce, the Courts have

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Seperation Agreement


To achieve a Legal Separation by agreement, there are 3 options: engaging a Collaborative Law solicitor, entering a Mediation process and working out the details of Separation Agreement. More details of each are available via

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Domestic Violence


Protection Available Under The Domestic Violence Act 1996 the following Orders may be obtained: Safety Order Barring Order Protection Order If any of these Orders are breached by either party the Gardai have immediate powers

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Surrogacy involves complicated legal issues and KOD Lyons Solicitors recommends that you seek your own legal advice before making any such decisions. It is also advisable to receive Counselling before starting the Surrogacy process to




It is only a Court in this jurisdiction that can grant a Decree of Divorce. Before a Court can grant a Decree of Divorce in Ireland, the following conditions must be met: The parties must


Prenuptial Agreements


A study group on Pre-Nuptial Agreements was established in December 2006. Its terms of reference was to study and report on the operation of the law since the introduction of Divorce in 1996 with respect

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Guardianship, Access and Custody Arrangements


This area of Family Law covers Custody, Guardianship and Visitation Rights; and Child Abduction. KOD Lyons Solicitors have significant experience in both of these. Custody / Guardianship / Visitation Rights The main consideration in relation

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